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SPIN is a sports programme that provides the opportunity to…

SPIN is based on the Kickz programme, which was highly successful among young people in England. Three sessions are held every week, combining football training with teaching various essential life skills in social and self-management. At SPIN training sessions, participants can play football under the guidance of top-level coaches. In addition, SPIN offers the opportunity to do exactly what you want – acquire knowledge of sports, health and essential life skills, get acquainted with different top athletes and find other enjoyable activities. Come and help make SPIN the best programme for you!

We welcome boys and girls aged 9-18 to join. Previous football skills are not important. SPIN-programme is free of charge for participants!

What do you want to achieve in life?

This is your chance to achieve something great – become an athlete, a coach, a referee, a sports journalist… the choice is yours!