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What is SPIN?

SPIN is a unique model sports-based and scientifically proven youth development programme in Estonia. The aim of the SPIN-programme is to develop and strengthen the social and self-management skills of participating youth, and to bring joy to young people through sports.

SPIN-programme sessions are held three times a week, including football training and specially designed workshops to develop social and self-management skills. Young people are guided by a professional football coach and a life skills coach with a background in youth work who together guide the participants both as a team and individually. The sessions last for 1.5 hours.

Football is a tool in the programme to teach many life skills needed for success. SPIN places particular emphasis on teaching teamwork, self-control, emotional management, communication skills, conflict resolution, and goal setting. All of this is learned through playful situations in weekly workshops, but is reinforced through practical situations on the football field.

A scientific impact study based on data from the 2015-2022 seasons showed that the SPIN-programme has a significant impact on actively participating young people’s pro-social attitudes and self-control, reducing risk-taking and impulsivity, improving school behaviour and academic achievement.

How to join SPIN?

First, come and see if you like it. To become a member of the SPIN-programme, the participant and their parent must fill out a membership application provided by the coach. The SPIN-programme is free for participants, but the organizers make the final decision on accepting participants into the programme.

What are the rules?

Participating in the SPIN-programme is voluntary, but football is a team sport. You are a part of the team for which you are also accountable. Therefore, follow these rules:

  • I actively participate in sessions
  • I listen to the coaches
  • I arrive on time
  • I inform the coach if I cannot attend
  • I consider my teammates – we are one team!
  • I behave politely
  • I do not use swear words
  • I do not fight
  • I take care of the equipment and the training area
  • I wear appropriate clothing and shoes
  • I do not use my mobile phone or any other unnecessary items during training
  • If I have any concerns that interfere with the training, I will inform the coaches

Getting used to the rules and following them is the basis for understanding and developing habits within the team and allows for better mutual understanding during both training and competitive games on the field.

NB! The specific rules of each group will be agreed upon at the training sessions.

What to wear?

Please attend the trainings in sportswear (suitable tracksuits and regular athletic shoes). If you come to training in winter and the training takes place indoors, you will need shorts or long pants and a shirt. If you come to training in spring, summer, or autumn, the training will take place on an artificial turf or regular grass field. Regular sports shoes are also suitable for footwear. As clothing, wear shorts or long pants (depending on the outside temperature) and a shirt.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us!

Vision and mission

Vision of SPIN

The young people participating in the SPIN-programme become active, open, and caring members of the community.

Mission of SPIN

We create a supportive, safe, and motivating environment for young people, where through sports we pass on positive values and various life skills from teamwork and conflict resolution to goal setting.



SPIN’s focus is on sports, but we consider overall activity and entrepreneurship to be important in life – it is in everyone’s hands what kind of world they will face in the future.


We aim to develop over time and achieve greater impact, which is why we are open to people, ideas, solutions, as well as criticism.


We believe that everyone has the potential to be a caring citizen. Our goal is to bring out the best qualities in young people through caring, attentiveness, and encouragement.