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We Play Together

ERASMUS+ project “We Play Together” (01.09.2022 – 30.06.2024)

The general aim of the project is to use sports as a means to increase social inclusion among young people and to help with the integration of Ukrainian refugees.

To achieve this goal, the activities are linked together as work packages (WP).

WP1 is essential for the implementation of the project at the local level, and we provide opportunities for young people from the Ukrainian and local Russian communities to contribute to community cohesion through sports activities. We aim to increase SPIN’s capacity to provide better quality and more inclusive sports opportunities for disadvantaged youth (including immigrant youth) by organizing group activities and regional summer camps. To better consider the needs of young people, we create a youth advisory council that will be systematically involved in planned activities. We will translate SPIN’s life skills guidance material into English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

WP2 provides project partners with the opportunity to learn from each other and share best practices. For this purpose, we organize study visits to Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, and Estonia, where joint meetings will take place. The aim of the study visits is to learn through local initiatives and practical examples how to increase social inclusion through sports. A two-day sports festival will take place in Estonia in June 2023.

Project partners:

  • MTÜ SPIN (Estonia)
  • International Sport and Culture Association (Denmark)
  • Latvian Sports Federations Council (Latvia)
  • The Kazickas Family Foundation, Youth Can (Lithuania)
  • Fundacja V4 sport (Poland)