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In March 2020, the final report of the analysis of the potential impact of the SPIN-programme was completed by Stories for Impact OÜ.

The analysis was funded by the Heateo Impact Fund. The report highlights that the theoretical model and structure of the SPIN-programme are in line with theories and recommendations found in the academic literature. For example, the life skills component of the programme is very important for achieving the programme’s goals, as specific guidance on social and self-management skills helps young people transfer the skills they learn in training to non-sporting environments. The community-based approach and involvement of local support networks are also among the programme’s strengths according to the academic literature.

The analysts also conducted several observations of the training sessions and interviews. Based on the interviews and observations, the most effective elements of the SPIN-programme are:

  • Providing activities that are widely attractive to different types of young people. Playing football is attractive to many young people, regardless of gender, age, or mother tongue, including those at risk or engaging in risky behavior.
  • Clear and targeted recruitment and support for young people’s participation in sessions according to established principles (recruitment model). The programme recruits young people living in risky environments (primarily based on recommendations but also on self-selection).
  • A unique implementation model that relies on the motivation and versatility of the implementers, in addition to substantive and organizational principles, ensuring that sessions are conducted by two dedicated and professional coaches. Sessions are designed and conducted based on participants’ needs and interests as well as group dynamics.
  • Case management and networking, performed by a coordinator in larger regions and a life skills coach in smaller regions (supporting young people between sessions and involving the support network around them if necessary).

Starting in the fall of 2022, the creation of a new program theory for the SPIN-programme will be implemented in collaboration with the Praxis think tank.